Bacterial Prostatitis: Bacterial Virulence, Clinical Outcome

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Four Prostatitis Treatment are recognized clinically: acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome , and asymptomatic prostatitis. Because Escherichia coli represents the most common cause of bacterial prostatitis, we investigated the importance of bacterial virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance in E CPPS.

coli strains causing prostatitis and the potential association of these characteristics with clinical outcomes. A structured literature review revealed that we have limited understanding of the virulence-associated characteristics of E. coli causing acute prostatitis. Therefore, we completed a comprehensive microbiological and molecular investigation of a unique strain collection isolated from healthy young men. We also considered new data from an animal model system suggesting certain E. coli might prove important in the etiology of Chronic Prostatitis /chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Our human data suggest that E. coli needs multiple pathogenicity-associated traits to overcome anatomic and immune responses in healthy young men without urological risk factors. The phylogenetic background and accumulation of an exceptional repertoire of extraintestinal pathogenic virulence-associated genes indicate that these E. coli strains belong to a highly virulent subset of uropathogenic variants. In contrast, antibiotic resistance confers little added advantage to E. coli strains in these healthy outpatients BPH . Our animal model data also suggest that certain pathogenic E. coli may be important in the etiology of chronic Prostatitis /chronic pelvic pain syndrome through mechanisms that are dependent on the host genetic background and the virulence of the bacterial strain.
Prostatitis Symptoms :

Blood in the semen
Blood in the Urine
Burning While Urinating
Difficulty Urinating
Pain While Urinating
Frequent Urination
Painful ejaculation

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