Main dishes for vegetarians?

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Зачленет: 06 Окт 2017, 15:33
Мислење: 07 Ное 2017, 11:31
Hi there,

So I've been vegetarian almost three weeks now, and I'm leaving a lot of delicious meals I can make that are within my calorie limit and satisfy me. But I'm having a problem where every meal feels like a side dish. I made fried rice, French fries, beans and rice, tomato soup, and a bunch of other stuff, but I'm struggling to make a plate or of everything. Like, nothing feels like the main part of my meals. It just feels like side dishes thrown together.

Is this just me trying to replace the meat and it's leaving an empty hole? Or is this because I can't balance a meal???

When you guys first started going veggie did any one else experience this?

Thank you

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