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Зачленет: 06 Окт 2017, 15:33
Мислење: 20 Ное 2017, 11:48
Hi all,
I was in an antique shop today and I came across this interesting piece of crystal. I bought this as it is absolutely gorgeous. I bought it home and I thought it was for ladies rings, however when I showed my mother she said she thinks it for miniature perfume bottles? She said her grandma (now passed) used to have one just like it in a cabinet and she remembered it from when she was a child.

Would any beauties know anything about this piece of crystal? I would love to know any information about it. I have tried researching it, but no luck. I would love to know what it's actual purpose is, how old it is, or who could have made it? I don't know of any forums that would help with identifying it. Thanks!

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References : ... is-antique

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Зачленет: 27 Ное 2017, 08:40
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Wow, this is such a pair of crystal shoes like the fairy tale. I like the vintage styles very much, especially the 50s hairstyles and clothes, such as the Barrel roll blow dried hair which is suitable for this pair of crystal shoes if there is a cosplay. Actually the mens hairstyles such as the Shiny wavy pompadour is also a kind of vintage hairstyles, which can be used for a cosplay too.



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