Interaction of Beta Blockers with Metformin?

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Зачленет: 06 Окт 2017, 15:33
Мислење: 11 Ное 2017, 08:13
Hello all,
I have had elevated BP for about 5 years since 2010 & recently with a modified lifestyle, diet & intense running i have managed to get it down from an average of 150/90 to 130/80 in that region since late 2015.
I was on Apo-Atenolol , a beta blocker all this while until i stop taking it about the time i discovered my DM2 in January this year & all the while my BP was in the low range.

i noticed after taking metformin's for about 6 months my blood pressure has risen a bit. ( 10 points)
So i resume taking my BP meds again starting early this month & found out that each time i took my beta blocker, it impaired the function of my Metformin & my BS shoots up about 3-4 point until the range of 12-13 mmo/L from an average of 8-9.

Has anyone had this experience?


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